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| aangehaald = [http://www.wikimedia.nl/nieuwsbericht/minisymposium-wikipedia-as-a-research-tool ''Op 15 januari 2015 organiseert de KNAW een minisymposium''], Wikimedia.nl, 6 november 2014.
| opmerking = Dit citaat is onjuist/onvolledig vertaald èn door Wales herhaaldelijk genuanceerd c.q. verduidelijkt, maar wordt nog altijd regelmatig ten onrechte als hier omschreven aangehaald. De verduidelijkingen/nuanceringen zijn: "''Remember, an encyclopedia is not a data dump. The word "sum" has a purpose in that statement... an encyclopedia is not "all human knowledge" it is the "sum" of all human knowledge. It is specifically delimited for very good reasons.''" ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Jimbo_Wales/Archive_38#Truth_in_advertising_.2F_the_sum_of_all_knowledge Jimbo Wales, 4 August 2008]); "''You are right that it is not the goal of Wikipedia to include all human knowledge - the key phrase usually overlooked in this criticism is "the sum". It is the goal of Wikipedia to include the sum of all human knowledge.''" ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Jimbo_Wales/Archive_71#Change_.22vision.22.3F Jimbo Wales, 31 January 2011]); en "''Definitely my meaning is "summary". I wouldn't say "gist" as that word tends connote something about vagueness. But Wikipedia literally can't contain all knowledge for a number of reasons. And an encyclopedia is not, for example, a text book. And our entry on "China" for example really shouldn't be 10,000 pages long. It should provide a summary of what is known, and refer people to other sources to dig deeper. Where to stop is of course a very interesting question subject to thoughtful discussion - and of course Wikipedia can be (and is) much more comprehensive than traditional encyclopedias.''" ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Jimbo_Wales/Archive_190#Please_your_meaning_of_.22the_sum_of_all_knowledge.22.3F Jimbo Wales, 3 July 2015 ]). Waar Wales het dus over een "''sum''" heeft, bedoelt hij niet "''optelling''", maar eerder een "''samenvatting van kerninformatie''". Eerder in 2005 had Wales dit nog verder verduidelijkt door toe te voegen: ''The ultimate aim of Wikipedia is to create and to distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest quality to every single person on the planet in there one language.''[https://books.google.nl/books?id=E3z5bfkO4ywC&pg=PA264&lpg=PA264&dq=every+single+person+on+the+planet+is+given+free+access+to+the+sum+of+all+human+knowledge&source=bl&ots=RwlCyHc4VS&sig=OQRFKPy3c697f6EgdiM8LpL2AD0&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwji8NTNuIzKAhXESA8KHWs3DsUQ6AEIYzAJ#v=onepage&q=every%20single%20person%20on%20the%20planet%20is%20given%20free%20access%20to%20the%20sum%20of%20all%20human%20knowledge&f=false]